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▶ Theories on Yakone and Amon

So, Yakone was a man who threatened Republic City forty-two years before Korra’s arrival. When Amon knocked Korra out, we saw the following flashes of an older





Mystery Guy
Mystery Guy

✰ I’m assuming that the mystery guy is Yakone.

✰ I’m also assuming that Aang used Energybending or possibly killed him because Yakone murdered Sokka and Toph (or at least threatened to harm them, triggering Aang’s Avatar State).

✰ Amon is Yakone’s son (the Firebender who burned him could have been Zuko) OR
✰ Amon is some reincarnation of Yakone sent back from the Spirit World by someone like Koh (the only real evil spirit we know about) OR

✰ Amon is Yakone, granted that Yakone is an extremely powerful Bloodbender and Healer who is able to slow down, halt, or reverse the ageing process.

✰ Yakone is the one who hurt Amon’s family (although I think Yakone is a Waterbender, not a Firebender).

✰ Amon is Bumi, Aang and Katara’s middle, non-bending son. Let’s see, Amon means “hidden one” in Egyptian, and was also known as the god of air in ancient Egyptian mythology. Is Bumi angry that he’s the only non-bender?

✰ Whatever the case, it would explain Amon’s hatred of bending and his hatred towards Korra, the Avatar.

✰ Amon does not Energybend but rather blocks a bender’s chi or the chakras that enable him to bend, making it seem permanent since few - especially in the modern Avatar world - have the spirituality to unlock their inner chakras.

✰ Mindfuck Theory*: Amon is Aang, or some variation of him. Remember, “to bend another’s energy, your own spirit must be unbendable or you will be corrupted and destroyed”. What if Aang, in a fit of anger, used Energybending on Yakone and it corrupted his soul. So when he died his was “trapped” in the Spirit World and used Amon as a vessel.


1. How did Amon learn Energybending or is it really just a sort of chi or chakra blocking?

2. If Amon can Energybend, how can he, keeping in mind the words of the lion turtle (“to bend another’s energy, your own spirit must be unbendable or you will be corrupted and destroyed”)?

3. Could Amon really be Tarrlok à la Star Wars? (i.e. Tarrlok is to Chancellor Palpatine as Amon is to the Emperor)

*I should note that my mindfuck theory isn’t ever likely to pan out, but think of the story possibilities. Korra would be affected by it too since she is Aang. Bwa ha ha. In other words, I understand the concept of reincarnation so I don’t need a lecture on how Amon couldn’t be Aang because Aang is Korra. There’s a reason why I called it ‘mindfuck’ theory.

Thoughts? Theories?