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I know a lot of us are excited for Bamon and an equal amount are also unwilling to get our hopes up. We’ve been led astray before. We’ve patiently waited five seasons for scraps, less than scraps. However, I don’t think we should adopt a black or white attitude about S6. Will we get a Bamon romance? I don’t know. But I do know that we’ve never been given this much before: mock-promos, Ian and Kat at cons together, sitting side by side, promoting Bamon and actually having it addressed by the cast and the producers.

We might not get a Bamon romance this season, but I have every confidence that we’ll get a Bamon friendship and a strong bond. Maybe the strongest bond Damon will have ever had with a woman. Maybe Damon will finally be tested on his hasty declaration of gladly choosing Elena over Bonnie.

So don’t stop hoping. We might not get the romance we’ve always wanted this season, but I think we’ll get a bond we didn’t expect and it’ll be better than any relationship we’ve seen on the show thus far. :)

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What I loved about that mock-promo:

  • The Somergraham dance (God, they are so cute!).
  • Somergraham in general.
  • Paul shaking his head after Ian said he gave the best performance of his career.
  • Paul’s ‘Does this mean I’ll get paid more?’
  • Zack’s ‘Choice Male Hottie. My ass!’ 
  • Michael’s ‘I’m super bummed that Ian’s gone… Have you heard about a bigger storyline for Tyler in season 6?’
  • Hashtags #SaveBamon and #KatGrahamIsOurQueen
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Someone please gif Paul shaking his head when Ian said he gave the best performance of his career. I almost died.

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I know diehard fans of Tolkien didn’t like the introduction of Tauriel, but I absolutely love her dynamic with Kili and hope for a happier ending for Kili (and Tauriel) in the last film. Even though I’m probably going to have to settle for two lovers dying together.

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▶ S6 Bamon Theory

So, what are your theories about Bonnie and Damon coming back? I have a feeling that Damon will be human. Didn’t Plec and Co want to bring him back as a human with the cure business but figured everyone would expect that?

Plus, if Damon came back human, imagine how this would complicate his relationship with Elena, even more so. For one thing, she’d probably be a little jealous while simultaneously expect him to act like a saint since he’s human now. Or, hell, he might even be repulsed by vampires since he’s no longer one.

Meanwhile he’d be living with his guilt and inferiority complex, trying to act human again. The only other humans around are Jeremy, Tyler and Matt, and since he hates them, that only leaves Bonnie, the only one he can tolerate.

Didn’t Ian say Bonnie would see a different side to Damon?

Well, Bonnie seeing the human side of Damon would be a different side, a side I think she could fall in love with. And maybe through his interactions with her, he could realise that being human isn’t so bad. And, hey, he could carry on the Salvatore name with cute witch progeny. Of course Bonnie would insist that their daughter have the Bennett surname.

Oh, am I getting ahead of myself? ;)

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The Break-Up has been renamed We Were Human. It has a new summary, too:

Being human means making difficult choices and living with mistakes. But are some mistakes worth forgiving? Bonnie needs to get away from Mystic Falls and everyone in it and start anew. Staying away, however, proves to be impossible. Someone always needs saving and she doesn’t know how to take off the hero hair. — Not AH/AU, just AU. (Formerly titled, The Break-Up.)  

Expect an update in the next few weeks. :)

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