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I’m calling it now: Elena will hook up with Enzo. She sleeps with brothers, so sleeping with a best friend of one of those brothers isn’t a reach. Alaric better watch his male bits because they might be next on Elena’s plate. ;)

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▶ Family Guy is brought to you by Axe Bodyspray! Axe Bodyspray - spray it on after gym class instead of getting beat up in the shower! Kinda weird how they want to beat you up naked, huh? Axe Bodyspray!

— 10.19 Mr. and Mrs. Stewie, Family Guy

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Have you seen the new TVD promo?




and man, i gotta tell you— who ever thought it was a good idea to start the season off with a promo of elena crying needs to reevaluate their job.

they had the chance to promote the season in a completely new light, & that’s something they desperately needed to do with their plummeting ratings..and they chose to emphasize elena’s grief. like that hasn’t already been shown/explored/beaten to a pulp for 3 seasons? stefan calling elena, caroline talking about elena, damon visiting elena— i mean seriously? these characters are no longer people, but props for elena.

there’s an endless amount of other narratives they could’ve focused on. stefan’s denial, caroline having trouble pulling everybody together, jeremy going off the rails, bonnie being lost, damon getting his shit together, alaric coming back from the dead, enzo being reckless, or you know…showing matt & tyler at all. and they opted for an elena-centric preview. how is that supposed to entice anybody to continue watching? it looks like all the other seasons to me.

hmm a 19 yr old who developed a drug problem because of a boy…no thanks. now if it was stefan or caroline or legit almost anybody else with that storyline, you could color me intrigued. but unfortunately that’s asking too much from this show.

but to be honest, i’m truly not even remotely phased. i wasn’t expecting this show to shell out anything that wasn’t pointless drivel. they can focus on the limited narrative of a 19 yr old girl for 10 more seasons for all i care.

i just know i won’t be watching this season unless somebody tells me the quality has significantly improved.


Whoever decided this was the promo to bring everyone back on board with TVD and boost its ratings with a reboot theme (which they’ve been talking about in interviews and at Cons since the end of May) needs to be fired.

This promo hints at no reboot. It tells me that S6 is going to be all about Elena’s pain and Elena’s pain only. It all about her need to ride Damon’s dick, her refusal to care about anyone else’s pain but her own, to disregard her best friends (one who died and she has never given two shits about since S2), and to forget she even has a brother.

Who the fuck cares? I’ve been watching the Self-Absorbed Elena Diaries for two seasons now. Its old, stale and a very limited (and very boring) narrative. It tells young women that you should always choose a man over your friends and family, that it’s perfectly natural to sleep with two brothers and ultimately destroy their relationship as siblings, that being codependent is romantic, that being in a toxic relationship is hot, and that the ultimate love story involves the woman losing her agency while enabling her partner to actively hurt her friends and family. Oh, and apparently doing drugs and adopting a manic suicidal-homicidal personality is the IDEAL heroine nowadays.

Remember this girl?

I never liked Elena much, but in the beginning at least she had her morals. At least she had her agency. At least her friends and her brother were important to her. Now everything is all about Damon, Damon, Damon. This isn’t love. This is lust. This obsession. The kind of obsession that leaves dead bodies in its wake.

Regression! Most characters grow or are given new dimensions. Nope, not Elena. Her personality and agency are stripped away so that she can become a prop for Damon. It’d be okay (I guess) if he actually became a better person, but nope. It actually made HER a worse person. And now she is the very definition of that pathetic girl whose world stops spinning because of a boy. Cause fuck her brother and friends, right?

I am not here for another season of the same old crap. Elena is not a heroine. She’s not someone to look up to or be admired. She is a cautionary tale at best.

Let’s face it, CW & TVD, you failed with this promo. You’re not showing us anything new, no reboot, nothing riveting, just the same old shit that caused TVD ratings to sink in the toilet last season. Only hardcore Delena fans want to see Katherine Lite Elena bawling her eyes out every episode. The rest of us are of the same mind of Damon: MOVE ON.

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S6 Bamon Theory: Bonnie and Damon get sent back in time but as casual observers. This way Bonnie gets to see a whole new side to Damon (human!Damon, perhaps?). Plus Damon will finally takes his Bennett protector position seriously when he tries to protect Bonnie from outside forces who do not want them to return to Mystic Falls.
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little something i’ve been working on c: there hasn’t been much going on in the tags so hopefully this brightens your day (lol almost made this a bamenzo but got lazy)


little something i’ve been working on c: there hasn’t been much going on in the tags so hopefully this brightens your day (lol almost made this a bamenzo but got lazy)


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I AM here for any kind of Bamon that

  • develops a STRONG bond between the two, romantic or platonic
  • gives Bonnie more screentime and character development
  • makes Damon realise that Elena isn’t the be-all-that-ends-all

I am NOT here for a Bamon that

  • props Bonnie as a Delena shipper
  • has Damon grow as a person with Bonnie only for Elena to be credited (‘He did it for Elena!’)
  • after the fact, has Damon and Bonnie agree not to be together because of Elena (cause it’s not like she moved on from one brother to the other in less than 24 hours)

I am not here for a show that pays homage to Elena’s golden vagina, her hypocrisy or the toxicity that is Delena.

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The Bamon tag has exploded and the Bamily have all gone fucking mental… I love it!

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I know a lot of us are excited for Bamon and an equal amount are also unwilling to get our hopes up. We’ve been led astray before. We’ve patiently waited five seasons for scraps, less than scraps. However, I don’t think we should adopt a black or white attitude about S6. Will we get a Bamon romance? I don’t know. But I do know that we’ve never been given this much before: mock-promos, Ian and Kat at cons together, sitting side by side, promoting Bamon and actually having it addressed by the cast and the producers.

We might not get a Bamon romance this season, but I have every confidence that we’ll get a Bamon friendship and a strong bond. Maybe the strongest bond Damon will have ever had with a woman. Maybe Damon will finally be tested on his hasty declaration of gladly choosing Elena over Bonnie.

So don’t stop hoping. We might not get the romance we’ve always wanted this season, but I think we’ll get a bond we didn’t expect and it’ll be better than any relationship we’ve seen on the show thus far. :)

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